Prestalever II

Bicycle Tire Lever

Install and remove tires in seconds!

We’ve further refined the Prestalever – testing with thousands of combinations of rims and tires – to make a great tool even better.

Prestalever is speedier than any other tool you’ve ever used.

We’ve decreased the rim hook height by 40% to make installation and removal easier.

The height and width of the body has been reduced by 17% to make the tool more compact, yet the strength has been increased by using larger diameter corners and a more flexible nylon.

Convenient & Intelligent Design

Our patent-pending Rim Hook with honeycomb-reinforced box-section design allows the twist-action to easily stop at 90 degrees so the lever slides out easily. The same rim hook is used to install tires.

Start the bead by hand, then insert the Prestalever rim hook at the point where you get tension. The curved top of the Prestalever head will be on the outside of the tire. Glide the Prestalever along the rim and the rim hook will lift the bead inside. The tire holds the Prestalever rim hook inside the rim as you install.

Hand Installation

Certain tires have delicate beads. The Prestalever can also be used as a “third-hand” tool. When you hand-install the bead in one direction, the tire starts lifting out at the other end. Insert the lever at one end to hold the bead, then use BOTH hands to install the tire from the other end.

The Prestalever is also an awesome tool for removing difficult tires. Insert a lever, but do NOT flip it yet. The rim hook will hold the lever in place, but unlike traditional levers that hook onto spokes, the bead will NOT be tensioned. You can still fit-in more Prestalevers. Insert the levers spaced about 6 inches apart, then flip them all one at a time. Even the toughest tires will come right off the rim in seconds.